Adventures in lounges, flights, and exciting destinations in far-flung destinations.

#5nights5cities Part 5: Off to Eastern Europe

Reading Time: 7 minutes You can catch up by Reading Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 first. My hotel phone rang almost simultaneously with the alarm I had set on my iPhone at 6am. It was already time to get up and head back to Doha airport. I had a quick shower, made sure everything was packed, checked out

#5nights5cities Part 4: Take off time!

Reading Time: 8 minutes You can catch up by Reading Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 first. I spent Wednesday night in Hong Kong, throwing items into my luggage, making sure I had all my cables and chargers for the computer and iPad, and tossing any liquids that I intended to bring because I wanted to stick with

#5nights5cities Part 3: Travel tips

Reading Time: 6 minutes To catch up, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 first. Okay, I couldn’t wait until I was already in the air — I had to do one more update prior to taking off. I was thinking about how to travel these last few days, like what are some tools and tips that people

#5nights5cities Part 2: Not Cathay, not this time

Reading Time: 5 minutes To catch up, you can read Part 1 first. If you love traveling, it’s important to stick to an airline and hotel rewards program as much as possible. When I was a student, I always opted for the cheapest flight on the tiniest and sketchiest discount carrier, which is understandable when you need to stretch

#5nights5cities Part 1: How a trip comes together

Reading Time: 3 minutes I love traveling. Yes, TSA lineups and impatient airport staff and long queues and passengers bumping into you with their luggage and screaming toddlers are no fun. But if you look past that, there is still some romance: airports buzzing with people from all over the world, flights to exotic destinations, swanky airline lounges, newsstands

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