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Reading Time: < 1 min This show is a train wreck that is absolutely captivating.

Reading Time: < 1 min The “shelter in place” directive in Hong Kong has resulted in beautiful clear skies.

Reading Time: < 1 min Spectacular day. Feels like summer is here. 28 degrees.

Reading Time: < 1 min A Hong Kong morning routine when word spreads of a new shipment of masks. #coronavirus

Elementor #5784

Reading Time: < 1 min Versatile business.

Reading Time: < 1 min This has been making the rounds. Wuhan, basically unknown in the west prior to December, will be linked with this virus for a long, long time.

Reading Time: < 1 min Went looking to rent a bigger apartment today and was shown this, the view from my prospective new living room. Scenery is great, price still isn’t.

Reading Time: < 1 min Supermarket in Hong Kong today, February 2. I’ve never seen it like this before, even in the most severe typhoons.

Reading Time: < 1 min I know this says “Promoted” and mentions “with Brand HK” in the title, but are you okay with legitimate news organizations doing this?

Reading Time: < 1 min Living in Hong Kong means lunchtime hockey. Timing works quite well!

Reading Time: < 1 min First time on Emirates’ A380 in business class. Love the lounge!


Hi! My name is Cam MacMurchy. I was born and raised in Canada and worked as a journalist before moving to China in 2004.

Today I work in Hong Kong as the Vice President of Corporate Communications of a listed company. I write about marketing, communications, and journalism, as well as technology and productivity, and anything else on my mind! I also occasionally contribute to 9to5Mac, one of the top Apple websites in the world, and run Executive Productivity. Contact me anytime.


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