A corporate communications guy, former journalist, podcast host and tech nerd with 17 years (and counting) in Asia.

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I’m Cam MacMurchy

I am a former radio and television journalist now working as a PR director at a multinational Internet and technology company listed in Hong Kong.

I’ve loved technology since I was a kid, when I got excited in the run-up to the launch of Windows 95 and installing a 9600 baud modem. I also had a dream to be a journalist (a sports reporter, originally!), which I was fortunate to do for several years before moving to the other side. I have now been in public relations for nearly two decades, but the industry is constantly changing and staying fresh. I’m most interested in the intersection of technology and communications, and am laser-focused these days on finding new ways to leverage technology to tell more compelling stories and work more efficiently.

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Here's What I Do

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Transition companies to the digital age with faster, more efficient, and more reliable workflows, improved productivity and collaboration, targeted digital marketing strategies, and robust analytics to help organizations make data-driven business decisions.

Corporate & Crisis Communications

Corporate & Crisis Communications

Strategic corporate communications including issues management, messaging, events, media relations, and media spokesperson.

Productivity & Efficiency

Productivity & Efficiency

Just launched Executive Productivity to help senior executives and managers use technology better. The easy-to-understand videos focus on practical tips that can be used immediately to work more effectively.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Founded and Head the Digital Communications Department at a Hong Kong-listed company, including the development of a digital strategy, effective social media marketing, SEO, content creation, video, and analytics.

Radio & Television

Radio & Television

Extensive experience in radio, television and print in Canada and China, including hosting shows and video/audio production.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

A regular speaker and panelist at events, workshops, and webinars on digital transformation, social media marketing, modern corporate communications, productivity, and more.

“The best writing is the writing that is done for an audience of one. Yourself.”

Latest posts

Technology Studio

Must-have apps, practical productivity hacks, social media dos and don’ts, getting around the Great Firewall, and the business of technology.

January 21, 2022

11:54 pm

Reading Time: 2 minutes
An iOS mock-up shows phone calls with subject lines to give people a heads-up before answering.

Latest posts

Media Studio

A look at everything from massive public relations fiascoes to the winners and losers in this new era of journalism — and what tomorrow might bring.

September 30, 2020

12:44 am

Reading Time: 2 minutes
The star tech reporter is the latest to leave the comfortable confines of a big media company

Latest posts

Travel Studio

Turn off your phone and get your mind off work! Exploring the world of airlines, lounges, and exotic locales with a camera, laptop, and a few extra airline points.

September 18, 2019

10:38 pm

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Cathay Pacific may have lost some of its prestige to luxury carriers from the Middle East, but it hasn't lost its touch.

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The PR & Law Podcast

The news is jam packed each week with scandals, gaffes, blunders and embarrassments, so why not learn something from it?

Cam and Ewan look at the top stories making news each week through a PR and legal lens, sharing insights and practical advice for businesses, entrepreneurs, in-house council and communications pros. 


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