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Reading Time: < 1 min Is this connected to WordPress yet?

Merry Christmas

Reading Time: < 1 min This landed on my phone this Christmas Eve, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Bad at math

Reading Time: 3 minutes Columnist Lucy Kellaway has a story in today’s Financial Times about the sad lack of math skills in Britain. She pointed to an awkward and uncomfortable moment last week when the UK’s shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, was unable to do simple division on a live radio program: “When asked what it would cost to

S-Town tells us about ourselves

Reading Time: < 1 min I finally finished S-Town this afternoon, a podcast released on March 28 by the makers of This American Life and the smash hit Serial. S-Town, short for “Shit Town”, is set in a small town in rural Alabama called Woodstock. It begins as a murder investigation, but ends up somewhere else entirely. I can’t recommend

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