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It's a bit of a thrill contributing to a website that I've read and admired for so many years.

After we shut down The Nanfang in late 2016, we decided to take a break. I stepped away from web publishing, marketing, social media scheduling, analytics, WordPress updates, and all the things that go along with running a website that is updated multiple times per day. It was a nice break, and only recently I’ve begun to drift back into that world — this personal blog being the best example.

The cool thing now is I’m not writing to grow an audience or become an “influencer” or sell ads. Actually, if nobody reads this I’d probably be okay with that! Writing, on some level, is cathartic, and the act of putting words together and publishing them online is reward enough. I’m eternally grateful to those who stop by and enjoy reading.

In the last few weeks, it occurred to me that I could pitch in by writing about subjects I love to write about, maybe even on other websites. I’m no longer a freelancer desperate for a paycheck or exposure — I would be doing it solely for the love of writing about things I care about. So a few emails later, I’m happy to announce I’m now an official contributor to 9to5Mac.

I have been a fan of Seth Weintraub’s websites, of which there are many, for almost ten years. They have taken up permanent residence in my RSS reader and are usually the first feeds I click on. (I highly recommend this write-up in Business Insider, looking at how Weintraub got his start and built a tech journalism empire.) I have a ton of respect, in particular, for 9to5Mac, which has become the go-to website for Apple news, reviews, tips and more. Some who got their start at 9to5Mac, most notably Mark Gurman, have left to high profile positions in the journalism industry.

My first article on the dual-SIM Hong Kong version of the iPhone XS Max went live this week, and they just published another little ditty on WeChat stickers. I’ve already received plenty of feedback internally and from readers, which is great. I haven’t met everyone on the 9to5Mac team yet, but so far they have all been incredibly gracious and welcoming. It seems like a great group, and I’m super optimistic about working with them. I will probably post my 9to5Mac articles on my Facebook page, but if you’d like to follow along the RSS feed is here. (Though I encourage you to subscribe to the full feed because everyone on staff is churning out great stuff.)

If you have ideas for stories, please let me know! I’m happy to say I can now be reached at cam-at-9to5mac-dot-com.

Cam Macmurchy

Hi! My name is Cam MacMurchy. I was born and raised in Canada and worked as a journalist before moving to China in 2004.

Today I work in Hong Kong as the Vice President of Corporate Communications of a listed company. I write about marketing, communications, and journalism, as well as technology and productivity, and anything else on my mind! I also occasionally contribute to 9to5Mac, one of the top Apple websites in the world, and run Executive Productivity. Contact me anytime.