The Canucks’ entertainment staff have made goal scoring cringeworthy. We need to put a stop to it

The world needs you. Let's make this right.

A petition to bring back the Green Day song “Holiday” as the Vancouver Canucks’ goal song:

Canucks fans should feel energized and hyped after a goal, and Holiday by Green Day accomplished that. Holiday is our goal song, and will be the best one the Canucks ever had. We cannot let our home games during the 50th anniversary season get ruined like this. BRING BACK HOLIDAY!

I noticed this abomination – an annoying Van Halen song from 1978 – during the Canucks’ first two home games of the season. It was the only glaring downside to scoring eight goals in a dominating win.

I have never signed any petition in my life, nevermind a campaign over song selection at a major league sporting event. But this is serious. We can’t allow this to go on. The world needs you. Sign.


Cam Macmurchy

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