Launching direct flights between the US and Asia is sometimes more difficult than you’d think

Miami has spent years working on it to no avail.

Asia and its millions of wealthy tourists are in demand, but some US cities are having a hard time setting up air service — like Miami:

For years and years and years, Miami Airport has been working on attracting a nonstop flight to Asia. For these purposes we’re excluding Qatar’s flight to Doha and EL AL’s flight to Tel Aviv — while those are technically in Asia, we’re talking about North/East Asia flights.

In the past Miami Airport had a task force for this purpose, and it sure seems like the airport is consistently quite optimistic about attracting an Asian carrier. The argument is that Miami is the busiest US market for leisure and business travel from Asia that doesn’t have nonstop passenger service.

Why service exists between some random cities (Hong Kong and Dallas) and not more logical ones (Hong Kong and Honolulu) is perplexing. Good luck to Miami, because it’s definitely a spot I would visit again if it was more convenient.

Source: One Mile at a Time

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