Birds aren’t real

Sometimes it's better just to laugh at the absurdity

Sometimes I wonder, with political polarization so extreme in the United States and elsewhere, how we’ll be able to work together to solve actual problems. Most days can seem pretty depressing.

Fortunately, though, one guy may have stumbled on the answer: by laughing at the absurdity.

I had not heard of the group “Birds Aren’t Real” before, and I almost didn’t listen to an episode of The Daily that teased the content by describing it as “fighting misinformation with misinformation”. But I’m glad I did.

If we are going to be saved from the mess we’ve made, it will likely be by brainy Gen Zers like Peter McIndoe. If you want a laugh — and a bit of hope — you can read about him in a feature in the New York Times. If audio is your thing, then don’t miss this episode of The Daily.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

Cam Macmurchy

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