Big update to Fiery Feeds, an RSS app for power users

This isn't your grandpa's RSS reader.

The best RSS reader for iPad and iPhone has received a major update, with a number of new features. Among them:

Since you might be using more than one device, you can also create iCloud based accounts, instead of just local accounts. Both feed and read later accounts are also available in an iCloud syncing variant, which synchronise your content between all of your iOS devices.

In addition to synching your content, version 2.2 also adds the option to synchronise all app settings, as well as account and feed settings (like the selected view mode for each feed). When you launch Fiery Feeds the first time on a new device you can also import your existing accounts from other devices with a single tap.

RSS apps serve a very specific niche these days, but there has been some serious innovation quietly in the background in recent years as people focus on social media for news instead. If you are a news junkie or enjoy checking out certain blogs (or both!), I implore you to check out Fiery Feeds. The developer has put out a power user product.

Source: Fiery Feeds

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